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There are many different fitness programs out there today. If you have ever been up late at night you have seen every infomercial gadget, gizmo and DVD imaginable.  Everyone telling you their program guarantees the best results you are looking for.

Martial Arts training can provide you with one of the best fitness programs available.  Its training provides you with strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training.  The added bonus is we teach you how to defend yourself in case you ever need it. No other workout program can make that claim.

Martial Arts training can strengthen your upper body as well as your lower body. This type of coordination and balance is extremely important in any fitness program.

People of all ages have come to our program after many years of inactivity. They were, at first, unable to do more than a few pushups and sit ups.  They stuck with the program and made the decision they were going to improve their...

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Here are 7 easy and effective tips to keep your child safe.

1. Never leave children alone; not at home, in a vehicle, in the yard or anywhere.

2. Define what a STRANGER is. Let the child know just because they have seen someone before (i.e. mailman, paperboy, neighbor, waiter or waitress, etc.) it does not mean these people are not strangers. They are still people they don't know.

3. Teach your child their full name, your name, address and phone number, including area codes. Teach them how to use a phone and cell phone.

4. Teach your child the "What IF...?" Making up different dangerous situations they might encounter and helping them role play what they would do in that situation.

5. Take the time to talk with your children and be alert to any noticeable change in their behavior or attitude toward an adult or teenager; it might be a sign of bullying, sexual abuse or harassment.


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Top 7 Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Michelle Annese

What makes a woman a perfect target?  These are the top 7 tactics and weaknesses criminals interviewed look for to take advantage of you.  These tips aren’t just for the busy holiday season either.  It’s all about keeping your awareness all year round…And they can protect you from becoming the next statistic. 


  1. Coming up to my vehicle, did I look around - aware of who is near it? Am I walking my packages in a cart or carrying them in my hand?  Criminals interviewed say they want to attack the woman who is walking alone and not aware of her surroundings.  Always put shopping bags in a cart.  This allows you ample time to react if someone is approaching you.  If you’re carrying bags, this renders your hands useless to protect yourself and gives a criminal a bonus.  Remember… the buddy system.  Late night shopping always needs to be a ‘girls' night out’...
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Self Defense Education for children– There are three sure-fire ways to teach your child about safety.  We understand that for your child to be truly “Kid Safe” that they must understand and use two types of self defense. Physical, which gives them the tools needed to protect themselves. And mental self defense, which empowers them with the awareness and common sense to keep them safe. This article is geared toward educating parents on helping your child with the mental self defense to better make them “Kid Safe”.

We can teach our children there are different levels of safety.   Those levels depend on the situation they are in and the decisions they make in those situations.  We then can better train them to use their instincts, intuition, and even fear as safety tools.

This is how I explained it to a room full of children in one...

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