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7 Easy and Effective Tips to Keep Your Child Safe

Michelle Annese

Here are 7 easy and effective tips to keep your child safe.

1. Never leave children alone; not at home, in a vehicle, in the yard or anywhere.

2. Define what a STRANGER is. Let the child know just because they have seen someone before (i.e. mailman, paperboy, neighbor, waiter or waitress, etc.) it does not mean these people are not strangers. They are still people they don't know.

3. Teach your child their full name, your name, address and phone number, including area codes. Teach them how to use a phone and cell phone.

4. Teach your child the "What IF...?" Making up different dangerous situations they might encounter and helping them role play what they would do in that situation.

5. Take the time to talk with your children and be alert to any noticeable change in their behavior or attitude toward an adult or teenager; it might be a sign of bullying, sexual abuse or harassment.

6. Set up procedures with your child's school or day care center as to whom the child will be released to other than yourself, and what notification procedures they are to follow if the child does not show up on time.

7. Teach your child their body is private and no one has the right to touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. (Anywhere their bathing suit touches). If anyone touches them in a wrong way they should say "NO, GET AWAY", and then TELL SOMEONE they trust as soon as possible, no matter what the other person might have said to scare them or threaten them.

By going over these simple but very important safety tips with your child or a child you know, you now have the beginning stages of a self defense plan for them. Way to go!

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