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Reaching Your Fitness Goals with Martial Arts

Frank Annese

There are many different fitness programs out there today. If you have ever been up late at night you have seen every infomercial gadget, gizmo and DVD imaginable.  Everyone telling you their program guarantees the best results you are looking for.

Martial Arts training can provide you with one of the best fitness programs available.  Its training provides you with strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training.  The added bonus is we teach you how to defend yourself in case you ever need it. No other workout program can make that claim.

Martial Arts training can strengthen your upper body as well as your lower body. This type of coordination and balance is extremely important in any fitness program.

People of all ages have come to our program after many years of inactivity. They were, at first, unable to do more than a few pushups and sit ups.  They stuck with the program and made the decision they were going to improve their lives and reach their fitness goals. Some came to us unable to go up a flight of stairs without getting winded. Now, they have lost weight and achieved a level of fitness they thought they could never do.

Here is how we get our students from good enough to GREAT:

  1. We start slow. If you can only do five pushups this week set a goal of seven to ten in the next week or two. It is better to go slow and make gradual progress than to overboard in the beginning and risk injury.
  2. Keep track of your progress. We keep regular attendance and our instructors keep activity logs to communicate to the staff what skills students have accomplished. You can do it too.  Write goals and accomplishments down in a journal or notebook of how many of an exercise you want to do and then how many you do well.
  3. Make sure your form is correct. Whether you are working on a new kick, punch or any exercise technique, take the time to do it right in the beginning. You will progress faster and safer with proper mechanics.
  4. Never be afraid to ask questions. The only dumb questions are the ones never asked.  If you have a question about something in your training we can guarantee someone else has either had the same question in the past or has the same questions now. We love questions! 

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