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Kids Bully Proof Workshop | Stuarts Draft | Virginia

Adult Self Defense Workshop | Stuarts Draft | Virginia

"Dear Michelle once again, we would like to thank you so much for speaking... It was such a pleasure having you here. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with us. We believe that bullying should not be tolerated. Your strategies for coping with bullies were very useful and applicable. It is obvious that you love what you do; you were able to convey this in a manner that the student could understand and appreciate... So many students talked about how much they enjoyed you. Sincerely"
Anne Farmer - School Counselor - Hugh K. Cassell Elementary School

"Dear Ms Michelle, Thank you for coming to our school. I had a lot of fun today. The rest of the 5th grade enjoyed you coming here. The thing you taught us was very fun. Now I know how to defend myself besides kicking and punching. I hope to see you soon. You're so cool. Your friend,"
Shannon B.
Daniel Turners Kids Karate Programs Stuarts Draft | Virginia

Kids Get a Kick out of Our Martial Arts Program

Put your Child on the Right Path to Success! Let Annese Martial Arts help Your Child Develop the Leadership Skills and Self-Confidence a True Black Belt Warrior!

Are looking for a way to channel your child's energy into something positive? The Children's Martial Arts program at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft is exactly what you have been searching for. It is the perfect way to get your child fit and healthy, help them develop self-defense skills, and have fun! Experts have found that martial arts promote focus, respect, self-discipline, socialization skills, perseverance, and concentration in boys and girls. Furthermore, these character building traits have been shown to translate into better grades and behavior. Does this sound too good to be true? It isn't!

Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft has a Place for your Child

Our experienced, expert instructors at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft are well versed in teaching character building traits, while also helping your child to develop martial arts expertise, physical fitness, and essential self-defense skills. Our Children's Martial Arts program is tailored to all boys and girls, ages four and up, regardless of experience level or athletic ability. Our instructors are passionate about helping each and every student succeed. Unlike other sports, no one sits on the sideline at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft. Every child participates and has a blast. Children are placed in classes based on age and experience. This ensures that they are practicing with other kids on their level, allowing them to develop confidence, learn quickly and effectively, and shine! Each class features:

  • Cardiovascular Exercise

  • Strength Training

  • Flexibility Training

  • Martial Arts

  • Easy, Effective Self-Defense Training

  • Character Building

  • Tons of Fun!

An Enjoyable System of Personal Development

While we hope that no child ever has to use the skills we teach them at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft outside of class, children gain confidence knowing that they can defend themselves against bullies and attackers. This also gives parents peace of mind. Our students develop life skills that carry into adulthood. By raising our students' self-esteem and confidence, they are more likely to stand up against negative peer pressure and make smarter choices. Our Children's Martial Arts program is a positive outlet for kids. By offering dynamic, engaging classes, children want to come back for more. The martial arts moves require strict concentration, helping your child develop the focus and drive they need to succeed. Here at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft we transform children both inside and out! Our program improves students' physical, mental, and emotional health. Your child will be happier and healthier!

Our Instructors are Second to None

All of our instructors are highly trained, skilled, and educated adults. As martial arts experts they know how to teach children the proper techniques to avoid injury and promote learning. At Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft, we employ cutting-edge teaching methods to build character, teach children martial arts and self-defense skills, and provide them with a safe, fun environment. Because of our awesome staff, Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft is a member of the prestigious Black Belt Schools International. This means were among the most recognizable schools in the country. Our instructors also lead workshops such as the Bully Proof and Kid Safe Workshops to supplement the skills children learn in class.

A Life Changing Experience for your Child is a Phone Call Away

Now is the time to put your child on the right path by introducing a positive, health enhancing influence into their lives. The Children's Martial Arts program at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft will benefit your child in every way. Want to see for yourself? Come to one of our year-round family fun events, such as Movie Night, Buddy Night, Parent's Night Out, Tournaments, and even holiday parties. You will be amazed with what you see. Call Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft today at 540-337-2525 and ask one of our knowledgeable team members about our Free Trial Offer. Give your child the experience of a lifetime!

Kids Karate Birthday Parties | Stuarts Draft | Virginia

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