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Martial Arts, Fitness and Fun for All Ages!


 Are you interested in martial arts, self defense, fitness, and having a blast? Then welcome to Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft, VA. Our world class martial arts programs are designed for men, women, and children of all ages, degrees of experience and fitness levels. We boast a staff of highly trained, expert instructors who have a passion for helping each individual student succeed. If you, your child or your entire family would like to cultivate expertise in martial arts, learn a practical system of self defense, get in amazing shape, and have fun doing it, we have classes for you! Say goodbye to your boring exercise routine and enter the world of dynamic, fast-paced, exciting marital arts! 

Our Instructors are Absolutely Stellar!

Annese Martial Arts has a tough selection process ensuring that all of our instructors are the best of the best.  Our team members are highly trained, educated and skilled martial artists. As experts in the field, they are able to teach students character building traits, martial arts and self defense skills safely and effectively.  We stay on top of the latest techniques in training and teaching, the newest self-defense and martial arts developments and advanced nutrition and exercise science.  You won't find a better program anywhere else.

Kids Karate Lessons

Annese Martial Arts Kids Classes

Kids Get a Kick our of our Martial Arts Program

Put your Child on the Right Path to Success! Let Annese Martial Arts help Your Child Develop the Leadership Skills and Self-Confidence of a True Black Belt Warrior!

Are you looking for a way to channel your child's energy into something positive? The Children's Martial Arts program at Annese Martial Arts is exactly what you have been searching for. It is the perfect way to get your child fit and healthy, help them develop self-defense skills, and have fun!  Experts have found that martial arts promotes focus, respect, self-discipline, socialization skills, perseverance and concentration in boys and girls.  These character building traits have been shown to translate into better grades and behavior. Does this sound too good to be true? It isn't.

Annese Martial Arts has a Place for your Child.

Our experienced, expert instructors at Annese Martial Arts are well versed in teaching character building traits, while also helping your child to develop martial arts expertise, physical fitness and essential self-defense skills. Our children's martial arts program is tailored to all boys and girls ages 5 and up, regardless of experience level or athletic ability. Our instructors are passionate about helping each and every student succeed. Unlike other sports, no one sits on the bench or sidelines at Annese Martial Arts. Every child participates and has a blast. Children are placed in classes based on age and experience. This ensures that they are practicing with other kids on their level, allowing them to develop confidence, learn quickly and effectively and shine! 

A Lifetime Experience for Your Child is a Phone Call away! Call 540.337.2525 and ask one of our knowledgeable team members about our FREE Trial Offer.

Adult Martial Arts


A Whole New Way to Get Active

No one observes from the sidelines at Annese Martial Arts. Our instructors make sure that every student, regardless of experience and athletic ability learns quickly and effectively. Our classes for children, teens and adults are high-energy, dynamic and fun from start to finish. With aerobic and anaerobic elements, martial arts at Annese Martial Arts is a total body workout. Yet the benefits do not end there. You’ll also learn important skills such as a practical system of self defense. You’ll be empowered by your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. Our martial arts classes will leave you feeling powerful and strong.   Each class at Annese Martial Arts features:

  • Physical Conditioning
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Martial Arts
  • Self-Defense Training
  • Excitement!

Martial Arts is Here to Stay

Martial Arts has been everywhere lately.  This doesn't mean that they are a trendy new workout that will fade in popularity. Martial Arts are ancient systems of combat practiced for self-defense, physical fitness, competition and mental and spiritual development.  At Annese Martial Arts we promote non-violence. But having these skills under your belt can enhance your safety if a situation arises.  Martial Arts has experienced longevity because it works!

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Annese Martial Arts

2857 Stuarts Draft Hwy, Stuarts Draft, VA 24477, US

(540) 337-2525


"Thank You for coming to our school...

I had a lot of fun today.  The rest of the 5th grade enjoyed you coming here. The thing you taught us was very fun. Now I know how to defend myself besides kicking and punching.  I hope to see you soon. You're so cool. Your friend, " 

                              - Shannon B. 

"Dear Michelle, once again we want to thank you so much for speaking...

It was such a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with us. It is obvious that you love what you do; you were able to convey this in a manner that the student could understand and appreciate...so many students talked about how much they enjoyed you."

 - Anne Farmer School Counselor Hugh K. Cassell Elementary School


"Top notch people...

Both Michelle and Frank. Supportive of the community  and other business owners as well!! I consider them family and would  recommend them to anyone!"

         - Dawn Stanley Hollinsworth

"Highly Recommend this place...

You will have an enjoyable experience with  these instructors who really care about  their students and the  perfection of the art. 5 Stars"

                                   -Tricia Kelley

"My son absolutely responds to Mr. Franks excellent teaching ability...

 Looking forward to his continued growth with Annese's wonderful  instructors. Highly impressed so far with their patience and  persistence!"

          - Heather Ann Normandin

"I have attended martial arts with this studio for 13 years.

The teachers are awesome and I wouldn't want to train with anyone else!"

           - Nicole Elizabeth Shifflett

Universal 1

Universal 1 for Intermediate Kids

Universal 2

Universal 2 for Intermediate Kids

Universal 3

Universal 3 for Intermediate Kids

Universal 4

Universal 4 for Advanced Kids

Universal 5

Universal 5 for Advanced Kids

Universal 6

Universal 6 for Advanced Kids

Universal 7

Universal 7 for Advanced Kids

Universal 8 | Gekisai 1

Universal 9 | Gekisai 2 for Advanced Kids

Universal 9 | Gekisai 2

Universal 9 | Gekisai 2 for Advanced Kids